Available Services

Some of the things I do for Macs and other Apple products

As an essential service provider I make in-home and office calls, as well as working on machines that are dropped off and picked up at my location. The following list is some of the things a Mac might need. Some, but not all. There are always more things that come up....

Space Saver - $32 Special

MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros with disk space warnings or that run extremely slowly can often be rescued.

If the drive in your Mac laptop is low on disk space I can reclaim some of it, working on-site or remotely. I ask that remote services for first-time clients be paid in advance.

System & Malware Cleanup $32

Univited guests? Show them the door! Let's find and delete obsolete software and malware.

Artifacts from old programs and malware cause inconvenient slowness, pop-up ads, browser search hi-jacking, and more serious compromises of personal account information.

System Optimization

Older Macs can run like new with the ultimate tune-up. Start over with a fresh copy of macOS. This service includes the System Cleanup.

A fresh copy of the macOS takes care of problems induced by corrupted system files.

iCloud Integration

Share information between devices. Synchronize Calendars, Notes, and Messages, between laptops, desktops, iPads, and iPhones.

In some cases sync functions may be affected when devices have different versions of Apple's software.

Home Wi-fi and Printing

If the Internet connection is sporadic or has stopped working I can re-establish it, and give it a different network name and more sensibel password too.

Wireless printers or scanners can be added to the network, or re-configured if it has stopped being available.

Coaching and Instruction

I am an experienced and patient teacher. Older Mac users and digital photographers are my specialties.

Some instruction naturally takes place in the course of regular service. In addition I am happy to show you system short cuts and focus on your programs and work flows.