Mac users enjoy greater ease of use and system reliability

But sometimes even a Mac needs some TLC

Give me a call if your Mac is slow, runs out of disk space, shows error messages, or frequently crashes. You can bring your machine in for diagnosis and repairs or ... schedule a home visit.

Many services can be done in your home or office. If more extensive work is needed I will take your machine to the Mac Cave and (in most cases) bring it back in working order.

Upgrades and Acquisitions

Make your old Mac better

If your machine is a few years old it can be updated with more storage and memory; perhaps a later version of macOS. If your Mac has an Intel processor (Core 2 Duo or later) you may not need to buy a new one.

When you want another Mac

Make better choices in new equipment with a knowledeable and experienced user. Or, locate and test used machines.

Back Up Your Data (Seriously!)

Every year someone comes to me with a failing or dead computer with 'vitally important' data on it that is not backed up. These people know they should have backed up their data, but never did.

Don't be a data loser! If you do not have a reliable back up system in place, get set up before it's too late.

Software Support and Training


Install the version of macOS that is right for your system.


Learn about office programs on the Mac.


The Mac is designed to help you create. Get help with photos, movies, and graphics.